Show time for synthetic bespokes

Creditflux is pleased to announce the return of Credit Dimensions, the only event for the global structured synthetic community, in New York on 12 June. The annual event for bespokes, tranches and quantitative investment strategy (QIS) trades returns for the fourth year, and comes at an opportune time. Although volumes for the global bespokes market are murky, traders believe that around $80 billion of bespoke tranches were printed in 2018, up from around $55 billion in 2017 and $20 billion in 2016.

The timing is also perfect for more controversial reasons, providing an opportunity to assess the impact of regulations affecting structured products and discuss Isda's recent proposals to fix the problem of narrowly tailored credit events. While the risk of many such events affecting single name CDS remains unclear, measures able to improve confidence in CDS should be positive for both index and bespoke tranches that rely on them.

Away from the tranche markets, another hot topic is QIS. Last year Credit Dimensions introduced this topic for the first time in one of the most talked about sessions of the day. This year we get serious as QIS comes of age and investors look in detail at this alternative to traditional credit trading approaches.

For full details on the agenda please see the event site.

A limited number of free passes are available for buy-side participants. If you'd like to apply for one please complete the request form as soon as possible.



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