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  • Investing ethically is worth it
    Managers could see less volatile returns as a result of their increasing adoption of ESG-friendly portfolios; meanwhile direct lending is spreading across Europe

    21 days ago
  • Move up the stack to avoid implosion
    Pundit warns investors to be concerned about return of their principal – but senior loans may be a safe haven as credit yields are squeezed and high yield becomes crowded

    1 month ago
  • Heading tighter into uncertainty
    Tightening loan spreads are making the job of a CLO manager harder in both the US and Europe. But credit volatility could be on the horizon

    2 months ago
  • Direct lending managers head south in search of opportunities
    As Creditflux unveils a new listing that covers the size and success of European direct lenders, managers say that southern Europe offers some of the best opportunities

    7 months ago
  • Direct lenders hosed with cash
    The growing influx of money into European direct lending is putting pressure on yields and leverage multiples

    1 year ago
  • Europeans add twist to US recipe
    A simple direct lending recipe born in the US is now being given a European flavour as unitranches grow in popularity among direct lenders and borrowers

    2 years ago
  • European direct lenders strike €25 million sweet spot
    Many new entrants to the European direct lending market are finding that they can put assets to work by making loans in the €20 million to €30 million range

    2 years ago
  • Defining the direct route
    Managers agree that direct lending has created a big buzz in European credit – but they don't agree on what exactly direct lending is

    2 years ago
  • Credit funds take direct action
    Direct lending funds are springing up around Europe. But what do managers mean by direct lending? And what returns can their investors expect?

    4 years ago

9 results found Showing page 1 of 1

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