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  • Direct lending leverage takes off
    HPS, NXT and Crescent target mid market with leverage in Q4. By Grace Jennings-Edquist

    16 days ago
  • Genesis of a CLO desk
    On the 10-year anniversary of Genesis CDO I, Creditflux analyses the development of Deutsche Bank’s structured credit desk. By Hugh Minch

    3 months ago
  • From Suez to CLOs
    Indosuez Capital blazed a trail in CLOs and its ex-staff are now pivotal players across the industry

    3 years ago
  • A European at the heart of US CLOs
    Deutsche Bank has carved out a distinctive role in the CLO business as a bridge between the US and Europe

    3 years ago
  • Appetite for destruction
    After the crisis, UBS pulled together a team of big hitters to lead a renewed push into CLOs. But a cruel about-turn has seen it scatter them throughout the industry

    3 years ago
  • Together, they’ve gone far
    The stable Wells Fargo team that came together at Wachovia is now backed by one of the big four US banks. It's a combination that dominates in US mid-market CLOs

    3 years ago
  • Giant takes sharp turn towards CLOs
    It is one of the biggest banks, but BNP Paribas moved nimbly after the crisis to build on its position as a leader in credit derivatives by adding a CLO arranging business

    4 years ago
  • Gone but not forgotten
    ACA Capital’s spectacular collapse heralded the demise of the monoline business and scattered its employees into jobs right across the credit space

    4 years ago
  • The growing Swiss network
    Defunct investment banks such as Lehman Brothers are not the only ones with a healthy diaspora of credit traders. UBS has a wide network of ex-colleagues.

    4 years ago
  • Adding an Asian presence
    Taking the plaudits as the first euro CLO 2.0 arranger and turning heads by distributing CLOs to Asia, Credit Suisse has set itself up as a global CLO player.

    4 years ago
  • European CLO arrangers: back in business
    With at least 15 deals likely to price this year, European CLOs are well and truly back. But who will arrange them? Sayed Kadiri finds the key people on European arrangers’ desks

    4 years ago
  • Her Majesty’s secret CLO desk
    They don’t know it, but through their ownership of nationalised RBS, UK taxpayers may hold the world’s biggest portfolio of CLO paper. Sayed Kadiri analyses RBS’s Stamford-based CLO business

    4 years ago
  • Oh Brothers, where art thou?
    Lehman Brothers’ collapse scattered one of the best regarded structured credit teams in the business around the investment banks and hedge funds of the world

    4 years ago
  • Viewpoint - Consolidation: part II
    Stone Tower’s James Galowski believes CDO manager consolidation has only just begun

    8 years ago

14 results found Showing page 1 of 1

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