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  • Keep calm and buy corporate loans
    Calm heads prevailed in 2018. Markets were volatile and risk retention was supposed to cause problems, but there was no need to panic and volumes went on to break records set in 2014

    4 months ago
  • Weighted average life divides CLO industry
    Creditflux’s second CLO Census reveals stark differences of opinion on weighted average life and par-flush for US CLOs. But there is a clear consensus on which bank is best at CLO execution

    9 months ago
  • Not a bad time to try your hand at CLOs

    In a busy second quarter, CSAM nudged ahead of Carlyle, CLO spreads moved wider for the first time in months, and a posse of established credit managers made the grade in US CLOs

    10 months ago
  • Evolving strategy takes Norinchukin close to top spot in CLO investment
    Over the years, Nochu has tweaked its cov-lite stipulations, and added mid market and European CLO exposure to its CLO investments. It’s now nearly the market’s biggest investor  

    11 months ago
  • Who predicted $145 billion of issuance?
    That went better than expected: US risk retention came in, and $145 billion of global new issuance later, it’s clear that CLOs aren’t disappearing. By Tanvi Gupta and Sam Robinson

    1 year ago
  • CLO boom encourages new ideas
    Volumes are up, spreads are down and risk retention is a doddle. That must mean it’s time to push the boat out and innovate

    1 year ago

6 results found Showing page 1 of 1

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