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  • Weighted average life divides CLO industry
    Creditflux’s second CLO Census reveals stark differences of opinion on weighted average life and par-flush for US CLOs. But there is a clear consensus on which bank is best at CLO execution

    3 months ago
  • Not a bad time to try your hand at CLOs

    In a busy second quarter, CSAM nudged ahead of Carlyle, CLO spreads moved wider for the first time in months, and a posse of established credit managers made the grade in US CLOs

    4 months ago
  • Evolving strategy takes Norinchukin close to top spot in CLO investment
    Over the years, Nochu has tweaked its cov-lite stipulations, and added mid market and European CLO exposure to its CLO investments. It’s now nearly the market’s biggest investor  

    5 months ago
  • Who predicted $145 billion of issuance?
    That went better than expected: US risk retention came in, and $145 billion of global new issuance later, it’s clear that CLOs aren’t disappearing. By Tanvi Gupta and Sam Robinson

    10 months ago
  • CLO boom encourages new ideas
    Volumes are up, spreads are down and risk retention is a doddle. That must mean it’s time to push the boat out and innovate

    1 year ago

5 results found Showing page 1 of 1

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