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  • The Italian connection
    As Octagon and Conning come under the umbrella of large Italian insurer Generali, we spoke to the firms’ CEOs about their expectations for credit in general and their firms in particular

    8 months ago
  • CLOs wheel and deal as overlap increases
    2020 CLOs are a different breed to any other vintage. But this cohort features an overlap of almost 40% as CLO issuers have been forced to focus almost entirely on secondary market loans

    3 years ago
  • CLO issuers flex their bond muscles
    Some panellists at Creditflux’s US CLO Investor Summit pointed to structural difficulties, but the consensus was that flexibility — particularly the ability to buy bonds — could improve performance

    3 years ago
  • We were battered in 2020 — but we weren’t beaten
    The CLO industry has survived a year blighted by covid-19. We talk to portfolio managers about the strengths of CLOs and preparations for what was expected to be a ‘cataclysmic’ recession

    3 years ago
  • Trading places: it can pay to bet on the little guy
    It’s assumed investors know how good a CLO manager is by the rate at which they trade their way through a crisis. But this time fi ve small, nimble managers are outperforming the market

    3 years ago
  • Loan slump brings managers closer
    A 19% slide in new US loan volumes last year has left CLO managers with fewer options in the primary market, and portfolio overlap between US managers has increased to 35.3% on average

    3 years ago
  • A different kind of crisis
    Panellists on Creditflux’s US CLO webinar were positive about the robustness of CLO structures and the role of cure contributions. But they warned about zombie defaults and gaming tests

    3 years ago
  • We’ve survived before, we can do so again

    $7.8 billion of CLO collateral, split evenly between the US and Europe, is in the loans that have fallen fastest in the past month. But short term CLO pain will bring opportunities for building par

    4 years ago
  • Finding the best managers, CLOs and direct lenders

    To compile the shortlist for the annual Creditflux awards, we select the best performers in credit using a combination of detailed, data-driven metrics. The winners will be announced on 8 May 

    5 years ago
  • We can’t hide it any longer, we’re tiering up
    With the opening months of 2019 highlighting a clear class system among CLO managers, there has never been a better time to assess tiering. We find that timing, patience and luck all play a role

    5 years ago

10 results found Showing page 1 of 1

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